Brilliant light switches into connected home automation hubs: CES 2018

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I think this has to be my favourite smart home tech so far at CES this year. The Brilliant light switch/home automation hub, converts and existing light socket into a hub for all your home automation devices.

As you would expect one of the primary functions is to control your lights, but the built-in 5” 720×1280 display, microphone and speaker allow many more possibilities.

Brilliant allows users to see who's at the door via the Ring doorbell, or start a video intercom conversation with someone in another room (if you have two Brilliant switches, that is).

It has Alexa built in, with Google assistant coming soon, and it can control your Nest thermostat and Sonos speakers. There is also IFTTT functionality built in allowing integration with other services, and it has Bluetooth, with plans to enable Bluetooth streaming in the future.

There are no monthly fees to use the system, and it typically takes 0.75 kWh per month to run a Brilliant Control.

There are some caveats with this technology; it needs to be wired into your existing system. At the moment it only supports 120V, so it is not compatible with UK standards, and you need load, line, ground, and neutral wires present.

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