Board games have been a staple of entertainment for many, many years. One of the first board games ever discovered dates back to 5000 BC and involves dice and ever since, there have been thousands of iterations which have kept us entertained for millennia. But ever since computer games came into the mainstream, board games have taken the back seat. The simplicity and broad scope of video games has replaced board games for good – or has it?

While video games are incredibly popular, they can’t offer everything that board games can. Board games stick with traditional elements such as dice or cards, as well as an overarching theme which it sticks to. They require a lot of problem-solving skills and thinking ahead to beat your opponent. So what happens when you bring them together and make a board game digital?

Why Make them Mobile?

There are a lot of good reasons to turn a board game into a mobile game do this. It makes the game more accessible to a wider audience, as we all have smartphones in our pockets now. It makes the games cheaper and easier to clean up than physical board games, making them more appealing to play. Plus, you can take them anywhere and play on a whim without any setup.

It’s estimated that there will be over 2.7 billion mobile gamers by the year 2121, and we can bet that a lot of these will include mobile board games. There are a lot of great examples of mobile board games which have become hugely popular. Here are three of them.


Invented in 1935, Monopoly is the property trading board game which needs no introduction. It doesn't get much more classic than Monopoly when it comes to board games, and making it into a mobile game seems like it was a no-brainer. Millions of people all around the world have played and are huge fans of monopoly and a mobile game makes it safer from flying pieces when you fight over the game!

The Monopoly mobile game was released on iOS in 2009 and has since made its way over to Android due to its popularity. It’s not only the mobile board game which has become popular, but there are innovative slotmachines modelled after Monopoly in online casinos such as Mr Green too. The officially licensed Monopoly Here and Now slot uses the likeness of the classic Monopoly board and the moustachioed gentleman as well as concepts of the gameplay of the board game. With over a billion people having played Monopoly in their lifetime, it's safe to say this game and its various spin-offs aren't going away any time soon.


Another hit board game is Carcassonne, a title where players must build Mediaeval settlements in order to win the most points. It's an easy game to play and it is still enjoyed by many people around the world. It's a strategic game which requires a lot of planning and thinking ahead.

When they made it into a mobile game, they made the game much more accessible. More people were able to play it and it already included features from expansion packs as well as incorporating a more modern look. It's available across iOS and Android devices as well as Steam, so players can play on their computers too! The digital version breathed new life into the game and has introduced the classic to a whole new audience.


Hearthstone is a game which went the other way with its success as it began as a digital game which turned into a physical game. It features a Magic: The Gathering inspired game where players must collect and draw the best hand of cards to beat their opponent. It has a lot of great features like weekly game modes, in-game currency and different player modes. It's a totally free game which has drawn in lots of dedicated fans from all around the world to play the fantasy themed title.


The success of the game has led fans to create their own physical Hearthstone card game, with game creators in China turning the whole game into a board game format. It's not clear if the developers will officially release their own physical version, since the mobile version is still so popular (as is the one for desktops). Since it's totally free and currently has over 70 million players, the video game looks set to reign supreme.


Mobile board games have revived the board game industry and helped breathe new life into them. New audiences are playing classic games and we are constantly being introduced to new and exciting games right there on our mobiles. It's exciting to see where the future will bring.