Blackberry News : Going Dual-Core and new Dakota

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As we’ve said in previous posts the future of mobile phones is now to go with Dual-Core processors to make our mobile telephones even faster when it comes to all those apps and texts and social networking we do every day on them. Blackberry phones to me haven’t made any massive differences to their phones for quite a while, and why should they? They’re more popular than ever and seem to do a great job for what they do. However they’re co-CEO Mike Laziridis has gone to say that RIM will be updating their phones with dual-core processors in the near future and also will be laden with the new QNX OS that will be shown on their tablet PC the BlackBerry PlayBook.


Other mobile companies are already on the dual-core bandwagon, LG for example with the Optimus 2X and Motorola with its Atrix phone, but RIM will be taking their time to get out its dual-core flavoured mobile into the market as Lazaridis has said that to put them in now and get them out quickly might affect the quality of the phone, "Battery life, size, weight, thickness, cost" will be affected. He also went on to say "What we're setting up is for the next 10 years of BlackBerry. We just finished the first 10 years, actually closer to 12 – the first decade of BlackBerry. Now we're setting up for the next decade of BlackBerry." They’re definitely here to stay and lets hope they contine to perform well.


Our second lot of news is the leaked BlackBerry Dakota mobile. What looks like an updaed version of it’s extremely successful Bold phone, the Dakota has all the looks of a stereotypical BlackBerry. Boy Genius got the goss on it and they’ve said that the blower will sport a 2.8” capacitive touchscreen. Running BlackBerry OS 6.1 with 4GB of on board storage the Dakota also has 768MB of RAM as well as a 5MP camera capable of HD video capture, accelerometer and the other usual stuff but also its believed that the Dakota can be turned into a 3G mobile hotpsot allowing other devices to connect and share it’s 3G connectivity.


Sadly that’s all the news we have on the Dakota, no prices or release dates as of yet.


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