BlackBerry Key2 will be launched on 7th of June in New York

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The BlackBerry KEYOne was the phone that BlackBerry should have released many years ago, it was their fantastic hardware and security features built on top of Android.

The phone itself wasn’t perfect; it could have done with a bit more processing power especially at its price point. However, it has been one of the most unique and interesting phones of recent years, and amazing to use for email, which is perfect for business users.

They followed up the KEYOne with the Motion, which omitted the keyboard and didn’t appear to be successful, even though the price was lower and the battery was generous.

Since then, Blackberry has been a bit quiet, but we are now finally getting a successor, with the BlackBerry Key2 (which is much easier to type).

The launch event will be held on the 7th of June in New York City – and apart from that, we don’t really know anything about the device.

I am hoping for a significant upgrade to the processor and camera. Considering they went with the Qualcomm 625 last time around I don’t expect them to go with the Snapdragon 845. Hopefully, they will choose the Snapdragon 660 or maybe even the new 700 series which is due to launch. That would provide a good balance of power, affordability and battery life.

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