Gone are the days when you had to visit overcrowded bingo halls, as in just a short time this game has gone global thanks to mobile technology. The fast growth of the internet, has had a great impact on online bingo, particularly in the way you can access it while being on the go. Popular mobile bingo sites like Luckypantsbingo.com have never been so handy compared to just a few years ago. Now you can play your favourite variation of bingo and have fun with the entertaining characters of Luke and Betty in the bingo rooms during your daily commute, on your lunch break, while on holiday, or while your other half is watching a football match.

Just a few years ago most bingo sites were programmed using Flash to provide an interface, but then came some limitations when smartphones were introduced to the online gaming industry. Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple didn’t approve of the idea to implement Flash on iPhones, iPads and iPods, as according to him, this proprietary third party technology limits the open development of standalone apps and websites. He instead pushed for alternatives, such as HTML5, which is an open standard that makes gaming possible on all mobile devices.

Lucky Pants Bingo is highly accessible to players as it provides both Flash and HMTL5 games. Most of the browser games are developed using the technology of Flash, however HTML5 games are now becoming quite popular, where the game works directly in your browser without the need of any additional plugins, and these games can be played on both PC’s and mobile devices. You don’t have to install the HTML5 games as well on your device in order to play them.

HTML5 games are not limited to just desktops, or devices based on iOS or Android, as it can also be enjoyed on Firefox OS, and many other devices that support HTML5 standard. As the market penetration of smartphones has increased, so has the number of people signing up at mobile bingo sites like Lucky Pants Bingo. The widespread of electronic banking methods such as credit and debit cards, and e-wallet systems such as PayPal has also been a major step in the online bingo industry, where players can deposit and play instantly on their mobile devices.

Bingo is one such online game that has become incredibly popular with the introduction of mobile gaming. At Lucky Pants Bingo, your favourite game of bingo is accessible in the palm of your hands, and that too at anytime and anywhere. This a great way for you to make new online friends, and especially for those who don’t have much time to socialise daily. Chatting in the bingo rooms at Lucky Pants Bingo is one of the most adored part of the game as the bingo balls are being called. This social aspect of the game is made even more exciting when you can chat and play while being on the move!