Billionaire Investors what they predict about cryptocurrencies

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Bitcoin has always been considered to be an important part of the market because of the hype it has been receiving in the present times. The first Cryptocurrency which went berserk among the netizens is Bitcoin and it was developed by Satoshi Nakamoto, an anonymous person on the internet. The values of Bitcoin became very high in 2021 and gradually started to decrease again. Several celebrities hoped on crypto once they heard that the prices were increasing rapidly in the market. 

There had been about 300% growth in 2020 and the experts had rightly stated that the values will continue to increase in 2021. Strong alternatives cannot be provided at the moment and the pandemic-influenced inflation has caused millennials to trust Bitcoin more. 

Crypto has been volatile always. Let us check out some extra wealthy people who have always supported Cryptocurrency, no matter what. We can also check out some of the critics in this area. We can check out the thoughts of 8 billionaires in the section below. 

Elon Musk in Doubt

  • Elon Musk had always been posting news on Twitter which had shown his clear interest in the field of Bitcoin. 
  • Michael Saylor, the advocate of cryptocurrency has mentioned that he had considered that Elon Musk should change his balance from dollars to Bitcoin very soon at yuan pay group
  • Transactions of this kind will be more feasible for a billionaire like Musk in the market. 
  • Musk was not completely sold at this point. He had considered Bitcoin to be an impossible means to share transactions. 
  • Later he sanctioned the use of Bitcoin in order to buy Tesla electric cars. 
  • However, he gave a thought to his decision after knowing that a lot of mining will have some adverse effect on the climatic change globally. 

Mark Cuban criticizes Crypto fans

  • Mark Cuban has been skeptical about the use of cryptocurrency in the market for a very long time. 
  • He had repeatedly stated that it was not possible for a currency like Bitcoin to be stable in the market. He continued his statements even after being asked repeatedly by Forbes. 
  • He mentioned that the believers in Bitcoin are more like religionists rather than investors. This has made him forget his trust over Bitcoin or any cryptocurrency. 

Winklevoss Twins Again In the Picture

  • Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss have been very well known for challenging Mark Zuckerberg over the idea of Facebook.
  • They have often stated that the value of Bitcoin will become almost 30 times what it had been in the past. 
  • This was mentioned even after they had lost 600 million USD in the market of Bitcoin for the slump in prices.

Warren Buffett Doesn't Like Bitcoin

  • Warren Buffet had stated to CNBC that he believes Bitcoin has no value in the real market.
  • He has been quite vocal about his opinions on Bitcoin for a long time. 
  • He mentioned that one cannot do much with Bitcoin other than selling it to someone else. 
  • This has been exemplified by the fact he himself does not own any kind of cryptocurrency in the market. 

Sam Zell continues to be skeptical

  • Investor Sam Zell has informed that thinks the entire prospect of Bitcoin is relatively weird.
  • He has no answer to every Bitcoin related question.
  • He will be skeptical for now. 
  • He is not worried about the others involved in this trade but will make sure that his investments are right when the time will come for any kind of investment. 

Mike Novogratz thinking it to be a revolution

  • Novogratz is one of the biggest advocates of Bitcoin and he had always supported the system in public. 
  • He had also asked the star of Game of Thrones to invest in Bitcoin. 
  • He was seen to repeatedly mention in the interviews that crypto is the future.
  • So people must start to use them as early as they can. 


Bitcoin is considered to be somewhat of a mystery even when the market is not quite accepting of them at the moment. The advocates have hoped that the values of Bitcoin will be so high one day that there will be a rush to buy Bitcoin in the global market. You have to use your own speculation if you want to trust Bitcoin at the end of the day. 

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