BigBlue 3.3ft Nylon Braided USB 3.0 to Type C Review

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There are a lot of new manufacturers of USB Type C cables on Amazon, so I get sent a few cables to review. Today I have the BigBlue 3.3ft Nylon Braided cable that you can buy for £6.49 on Amazon.

As the name suggests the cable is braided giving it a far more robust feel than your standard plastic cable. BigBlue claim the cable comes with a 56k Ohm pull-up resister which helps control the current in a safe range. This is an aspect that has caused some controversy with a Google engineer showing that some cables are dangerous.

I am not qualified enough to test if thee cable are truly compliant with the USB C standard, but you can view Benson Leungs reviews here.

During my testing the cable performed fine and my USB testing device showed the phone pulling 5.2V and 1.45A for 7.56W from the cable.

With the pricing of £6.49 it sits around the same price as other Type C cables, with several others offering braided versions.

Overall, it seems like a decent enough cable.

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