beTouch E400 and E110 : Acer’s cheaper “Droid”

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The Acer Liquid showed the computer giants had entered the Mobile world with a great phone. At Mobile World Congress recently, Acer showed off the E400 a scaled-down smartphone to the Liquid, but nevertheless an interesting one.


UK Mobile site Expansys has the E400 listed for sim-free, pre-order. The Taiwanese mobile will be powered by a “slower than Liquid” 600MHz processor but will be running the new Android 2.1. Obviously a smaller, thinner phone means a smaller 320×480 3.2” touchscreen and a 3.2MP camera. So it’s not selling itself to the tech heads in comparison to the liquid, but not everyone wants a massive brick that does everything. The E400 is a lot more pocket friendly and aesthetically pleasing than the Liquid yet still has most of its functions so if your conscious of those things then this is right up your street and to top it all off its very reasonably priced at £264.99, due the 19th April


The website also has the even cheaper E110. At a much smaller £159.99 you get your moneys worth. A 2.8” resistive screen running Android 1.5 Compared by some to the T-Mobile Pulse Mini, the E110 also packs GPS. The E110 is due 2 days earlier on the 17th


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