The Best Outdoor Surveillance Camera Systems

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Integrating outdoor surveillance in the home security can be paramount in ensuring appropriate safety. Not only it is practical, but also highly economical. However, outdoor surveillance necessities vary from home to home. Compiled below is a guide to help you find the best outdoor camera surveillance options for your home.

Things to consider before selecting an outdoor surveillance

  • Probably the most important aspect to ponder upon is whether the camera is waterproof or not. Also, is it tested to be safe from the changing weather conditions?
  • The other important thing to check is the coverage required. The range covered by the camera depends on the viewing angle. The cameras with wider angles help cover more area. Based on the camera quality and viewing angle, one needs to decide the number of cameras required to cover the necessary range.
  • The another most important factor is the resolution of the camera. The resolution of the camera decides the picture quality. Higher the resolution, better the picture quality.
  • The camera should have night vision. Surveillance during the night is probably the most crucial application of cameras. For this, a camera with infrared technology should be preferred.
  • The security cameras come in two types: bullet and dome. Although both are efficient, it is difficult to determine the direction in which dome-shaped camera is facing. The type of camera also depends on the position to be placed.
  • The camera should have sufficient storing capacity to store the recordings.

A lot of cameras on the market today can live stream the recordings on the mobile devices. Go for the camera compatible with your device to avail the facility of live streaming. Another feature to consider is whether the camera pan tilts or zoom. These features help the camera cover a wider range.

Lastly, the type of camera to be chosen depends on the money one is willing to spend. Cameras with advanced features typically cost more.

Protect what Matters to you with Smart Surveillance Cameras

Mentioned below are the best and high definition outdoor surveillance cameras and stay connected virtually from anywhere in the world:

  • Nest cam outdoor security camera
  • Weatherproof
  • Built-in speaker
  • Amazon Alexa compatible
  • 130-degree viewing angle

Hikvision DS-2CD3132

  • 3 MP, 2.8mm lens
  • 1080p resolution
  • 90ft night vision

Amcrest HDCVI

  • USB backup
  • 2TB hard drive
  • 6mm lens, 75-degree angle

Swann – SWPRO

  • 98 ft night vision
  • 75-degree viewing angle
  • weatherproof

Arlo security systems

  • Weatherproof
  • Motion driven alert to the smartphone
  • 1gb cloud storage

Trivision NC-336PW

  • 50ft night vision
  • Email notification
  • 3mp, 4mm lens

VideoSecu IR security camera

  • Adjustable 4-9mm lens
  • NTSC video format
  • Anti-noise technology
  • IR vision

Other strapping outdoor cameras include:

  • Hikvision DS-2CD2032
  • Foscam IP camera
  • Foscam wireless outdoor PTZ PI camera
  • Amcrest 960H
  • Lorex wireless camera
  • Defender security systems
  • Spy Tec AEON OT

Benefits of video surveillance

The use of surveillance cameras increased stupendously because of its advantages which include:

  • 24*7 surveillance
  • Keeps a record of past events
  • Ensures the safety of elderlies and kids
  • Watches the people outside
  • Keep track of the activity of pets
  • Reduce the crime rates
  • Remotely access from anywhere


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