In today’s technology-driven era, it only makes sense that there is an array of mobile apps available that alters how one functions day-to-day compared to how one would without technology. There are many apps that are designed to not only make our lives easier, but to also improve our skills along the way.

Here are a few mobile apps focused on productivity and skill expansion:


Learning a new language takes time and dedication, and if you do a little every day you are readily boosting your language skills. The application, Babbel, is a great tool to guide your language learning and give you a go-to study method when you have the time. It uses cognitive techniques and speech recognition software to aid you in vocabulary development as well as strengthen your speaking skills. Today you can, for example, try out the app, flip through the many language offerings, and learn a language like Portuguese for free.


Have you wanted to start up with meditation, but have had a hard time finding the time and ‘right way’ to do it? Headspace is an app that leads you through guided meditations, and all you need is a smartphone and pair of ear buds. You can do it on the go, whenever you have at least 10 minutes free. It’s the ultimate form of self-care and will make not only your productivity increase significantly, but also your overall well-being.

Google Keep

If you love post-it notes and checklists to keep organized or simply like having all your notes in one place, then Google Keep is for you. With Google Keep, you can create a note in any format, sort notes by color, label like-notes, add scanned text and even share notes with others. Google Keep makes working through that ‘to-do’ list a whole lot more dynamic and streamlined. Plus, it lets you avoid scrambling to remember a password or find that groceries list you put down on paper somewhere.


Do you constantly find articles that you want to ‘save for later’, but do not exactly know where to save them? The Pocket application gives you a space to do just that. That way, you can save them for later and #tag them so you can collect like-articles and pull them up again seamlessly. With the app you can spend your time reading and educating yourself rather than scrolling to find the article you found weeks ago and want to read now.


Lumosity is not your typical ‘productivity’ app. It is a multipurpose app that helps you train your brain. It does so via a tailored program based on parameters such as problem solving, attention, flexibility, speed and memory. With a few dedicated days every week, you can work toward goals and boost your brain function with simple (and gamified) effort.

Having these kinds of apps on your smart device is a great way to turn downtime during the day into a time for productivity. During your daily commute on the metro, for example, you can make that time productive instead of just having a set amount of time that goes only towards transportation. Technology gives us the opportunity to make the most of the time we have, no matter where we are.

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