Best Educational Tools For Smartphones

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Technology has come with some advantages and some disadvantages in the educational sector in Europe and around the globe. For starters, many IoT devices can be used to make learning more enjoyable while others are distractions. There are smartphone apps for students and teachers at different levels. Whether you want a paper writer app, a recording app, a research app, or a reading app, you can find what you're looking for. Many of the challenges that students face in school can be fixed with the right educational tools. There are some tools for students and there are some for teachers. These tools were all created to make assimilation more exciting.

5 Best Educational Tools For Smartphones

1. Additio For Teachers

Before you can help your students improve their grades, you need to keep accurate track of each person's performance. This app lets you do just that. It is a more or less a digital classroom that can be used to track attendance, take record of attendance, create timetables for students according to their needs. You can also use the performance analytics feature that automatically compares the progress the students based on the data you input. It has many other features. However, extra features will cost you a token.

2. SoundNote For Students

This app is a great lecture capturing app for students. It's more or less an audio recorder and notepad. Studies have shown that students in Europe don't enjoy taking handwritten notes. So, an app like this would allow you to record lectures in audio and visual form. While there are similar lecture capturing apps for Android smartphones, SoundNote is currently available for iOS users only. It makes taking notes fun. Listening to the entire lecture at a later date allows students to assimilate information more efficiently.

3. Doceri For Teachers

This app makes a smartphone a digital whiteboard. It is one of the best teaching tools for interactive lessons. Students will be more inclined to listen and participate in class with this smartphone app. There will be no need to draw complicated diagrams or write equations on the whiteboard. Most of these diagrams and equations are available on this app. The students will be more excited about learning when the instructor is using the screen of a smart device instead of a typical whiteboard.

4. BenchPrep

Students in Europe rarely have face to face educational interactions after school hours. They hardly even talk to each other ahead of their exams. This can be improved with an app like BenchPrep or TCY exam prep. This is like a social media app that allows students who are preparing for exams to remotely interact with other students who are also preparing for the same exam. Since it's an application, students don't need to meet in a physical location except they want to. Students who represent their schools for quizzes, debates, and other activities can use an app like this to connect with students from other schools. TCY Exam prep was made specifically for students who are about to sit for GRE, MBA/CAT, GATE, and other professional financial exams.

5. Google Docs For Teachers And Students

This app is excellent for teachers and students alike. It is one of the best typing apps available for Android devices. One thing that makes Google docs special is that it is difficult to lose documents that are saved on your Google Drive. This is because the content you type is sent to the cloud server and its retrievable at any time. So, you'll not need to worry about losing your documents suddenly. Even if you lose your device, you can access them on another device as long as you have your password.

There are many other tools that can help improve the education system in Europe. Students and teachers need to work together to use technology in the best way possible. Many professional writers like those on also use similar tools to provide quality content.

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