The Best Apps For Job Seekers

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Technology has completely changed the way we job hunt in modern society. Both job seekers and employers have been increasingly using job sites over the past fifteen years on the hunt. In response to this increase in job site activity, many sites and apps have sprung up. This article will help you navigate which apps are the best for you!

Jobrapido app

Jobrapido has been around for a long time to help people to get in touch with potential employers and vice versa. It streamlines the process of finding a job. It enables you to search for jobs in your area with ease, allowing you to filter the potential jobs to your liking. It is the best job app for anyone new to the job market.


One of the most important things that people need to do these days in order to get a job is networking. Twitter is great for connecting with people in your field of work. Your profile serves to create more exposure to potential employers and also for you to interact with actual people in the field, allowing you to collect contacts and valuable tips.


Slightly different from Twitter, which is less specifically for professionals, LinkedIn is a necessary social media platform that serves to provide a means of networking, but also acts as a virtual resume. It is like a more detail-oriented Twitter with less creative control. It is definitely a necessity for job seekers, and helps them to look like a professional person even before they have been hired.

Interview Prep Questions

Once you have employed all other necessary apps and you finally have yourself an interview with a potential employer, use the Interview Prep Questions app in order to prepare for the much worked for (and greatly feared) interview. You can use their questions and customize your own deck of virtual flash cards. This is extremely helpful in easing your pre-interview nerves.

Google Maps

Once you have prepared for your interview, you want to make sure that you know how to get there, and in time. This might seem like a silly thing to warn you about but you would be surprised how many people show up late to interviews and lose jobs because of road blocks. Google Maps helps you to avoid these unnecessary travel delays and get to your interview on time.


Just like Google Maps, Calendar helps to deliver you to your interview, with plenty of time to have prepared. The Calendar app will allow you to set a reminder so that you will definitely show up and organize your schedule. Plus during the interview you may be asked your availability- If you are a student make sure you have all your lectures and university commitments saved in your calendar before you commit to working hours you can’t actually do.

In order to be a well-rounded candidate you must pay attention at every part of the job search. This includes the cover letter, CV, and the interview. This is something that can be a task, but these apps are there to help. Use them wisely. Good luck!

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