Besiter Eclipse 3 7500mAh Series Portable Charger External Battery Pack Review

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As a gadget geek and blogger, my phone battery starts to look sorry for itself by about mid-day so I am frequently reliant on battery packs to keep me going. Over the years I have collected quite a few.

The recent pack I have been using is the Besiter Eclipse 3 7500mAh. It is actually a smaller device than I would normally choose, as I wanted something a little more pocket-friendly. I wasn’t sure about its exact size when I ordered it, but figured it had to be smaller and lighter than the 10000mAh.

In reality, it is a lot smaller than my other 10000mAh but it is still quite chunky. It is fractionally shorter than my Nexus 6P, about 2/3 a wide, and probably double the thickness. It is not massive, though, and the thinner dimensions make it just about jean pocket-friendly compared to more square models.

Design wise it is about as attractive as a battery pack gets, and you get a nice little pull out LED torch. Not that I have used it but making it pull out is a good design choice for me, I am constantly switching my Anker one on by mistake.

There are 2 USB outputs, one at 1amp and another at 2.1amps. The battery percentage is shown in a physical number rather than just LED lights, so this is good for knowing exactly how much juice you have left.

Performance is exactly as you would expect, it charges my phone decently enough, and is just about enough to see me through a very heavy day of use while at blogging events.

Priced at £16.99 on Amazon or £19.99 for the 10k version, it is more or less the same pricing as every other model on the site. Combined with the better than average aesthetics and elongated pocket-friendly shape I think this is a decent buy.

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