BenQ G2400W monitor for gamers at a bargain price.

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G2400W_Pattern_frontimage BenQ are setting their targets straight at the gamers with this monitor. Being a 24″ LCD monitor is can handle 1920×1600 resolutions for your PC, which also means it can handle full 1080p resolution if you want to plug your PS3/Blue Ray in. The unit comes with D-sub / DVI-D / HDMI inputs so you can have your PC through the DVI-D, PS3 through HDMI and 360 or Wii through the D-sub.

Apparently this has been slapped with a $605 RRP, however I have actually just ordered one myself from Pixmania for a shockingly low price of £283 inc Vat. It has not arrived yet so I will report back on how good it is when it arrives.

Personally I am not expecting it to be amazing but at that price I just cant say no. I have been looking around at monitors for a few weeks and I know that 22″ are the sweet spot for pricing at the moment with some available for around £150, but I cant help think that 1680×1050 wont feel much bigger than 1280×1024(my current res). I think at 1920×1600 it will feel like I will have a massive amount of extra real estate.

I have also had to treat myself to a nice new 8800 GT to ensure my computer can handle that res. Though I do realise that the GTs start struggle a little compared to the GTX at this res however I cant really justify the £300+ needed for a GTX.

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