Whether it’s for safety or convenience, many new technologies have been introduced to the automobile market in recent years. These new developments are making waves as some manufacturers constantly pursue breakthroughs in innovative car features. Despite the decline in car sales, the rate at which carmakers are offering new technological options continues at a brisk pace.  The consumer market that wants the newest craze in automobile features fuels this. They may not necessarily intend to buy a new car, but they want it installed with state-of-the-art technologies when they do intend to purchase one.

Before you step on that pedal, it would be wise to complete a few driving theory tests to update yourself on certain traffic rules.

This article lists down some of the latest technologies that were recently launched in the market. An example of these developments includes:

Parking sensors – How many times did you find it hard to park your vehicle at a correct angle? Aside from finding a parking spot, learning how to park properly remains a challenge even for long-time drivers. With the newest parking sensors with installed cameras, parking will never be a tedious driving task. If you have a teenager using the car, the use of tracking devices such as GPS will ease your worries as a parent. Knowing their location would become less of a concern, especially when they’re driving at night.

Car alert and control systems also allow parents to keep their child’s safety while driving. Some of the functions of these control systems include setting speed limits and safety reminders (e.g. putting on seat belts).

Another helpful feature involves the ability of your car to transmit signals if it recognizes any unusual activity inside the car. This feature determines if certain changes occur on the usual behavior of the driver while running the vehicle. For those late night driving instances, having this option in your car is very useful.

It would also be a factor in reducing the incidence of drunk driving. Staying alert while driving at night can be a real challenge for some people. Since darkness is the main obstacle for drivers at this time, a night vision and pedestrian-detection system can eliminate this problem. Your car would set off an alarm when it senses a potential collision with a crossing pedestrian on the road. Aside from people, drivers can be assured not to go over another animal by accident ever again.

Car companies have placed equal important to the improvement of driving cars through other convenient features. Internet connectivity is one major selling point for car technologies. The latest set of in-car features include the option for 3G network and Wi-Fi connectivity through the use of your mobile phone. This is very beneficial for people who have active lifestyles, but require to be online.

All of these new technologies can prove to be beneficial for vehicle users. As many companies push the envelope for the production of high-tech cars, it is up to drivers to use these new features in a responsible way.