Beam me up Scotty : Samsung Beam almost here

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Sorry for the cheese but it had to be done. Remember the Samsung Beam we spoke about a while back , the first mobile phone to incorporate a projector so one can show their pics and vids onto a wall. Well back then it was just a prototype, now Samsung are unveiling it in Singapore next month so it can’t be too long before we can get our hands on it in Blighty and leave us all with “Beaming” smiles…………


As with the new-wave of Samsung mobiles it’s blasting us with a 3.7” Super AMOLED screen for those super nice rich, bright colours and that wonderful Android OS. Connectivity wise you’re looking at HSDPA, 3G, Wi-Fi and the new Bluetooth 3.0. Packing an 8MP camera for good quality pics, it’ll also shoot HD video, a must for todays top smartphones. Now obviously what makes the Beam stand out is it has a mini projector, capable of 50” wide images at a brightness level of 9 lumens. It’ll also back a-GPS and a built in FM radio.


Obviously we wont have any prices till the networks announce it’s release but I’m glad to see this phone made it past prototype and hopefully will live up to it’s potential.

Samsung Beam

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  1. Ya it is true. really samsung beating continuously to all competitors.because after the nokia samsung is leading mobile service.I think now a days samsung corby is one of friendly and most user rated many peoples have this is have great feature and multiple application with a cheaper cost.


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