Be Prepared to Fight The Threats

A threat to a business or organization can come from all angles. There are international hacking groups, the government authorized cyberattacks, competing businesses among others. For external threats, it involves an outsider attempting different forms of attack, in an attempt to access the network. While hackers from other countries can’t physically come and steal from you, the internet can let them in. What do you do, if your organization’s biggest threat, comes from the inside?

 This does not require any complicated scheme or code. Insider threats can just walk in. As if there isn’t to keep a security manager awake at night. Any employee who has access to files, computers, and sensitive documents are a potential risk. While most employees are not a risk for theft or espionage, the company should be prepared for any that are. Being prepared for this sort of event is crucial. What sort of insider threat management is your company using?

Managing insider threats is becoming a serious business within the tech industry. Using a team of professionals like those at EKRAN, put you in the best position for success. An organization needs real-time threat detection. Bad actors will always try to create undue harm to your data and intellectual property. They don’t have to get away with it though. A comprehensive system will include privileged file and server access, AI-powered threat detection, encryption, among others. Make sure that your system also has data logging and a searchable events database. Real-time monitoring is also an essential part to any network security. If the action can be taken almost immediately, the threat will be neutralized quickly.

Triggers can be set so that if any amount of predetermined data starts being transferred, alerts will be sent automatically. Being proactive is one of the best things an organization can do. A comprehensive monitoring system can also reduce legal risk and exposure to lawsuits. Hackers will never be able to be completely stopped, but your company can stop them from getting to you.

You Really Should Trust the Experts

While using the third party will not completely reduce a companies liability, it will help tremendously. If a company is found to have a poor data security system, its liability skyrockets. The best thing any new companies can do that enter the marketplace is to invest heavily in their infrastructure. Taking the time to set up a safe, secure foundation is a brilliant move. It will make customers feel safe knowing that they too are safe. (Or at least as safe as possible.) Make sure that you create room in your fiscal budget this year to upgrade your security services. If a company is publicly traded, shareholders and investors will appreciate the forward-thinking management.

 In fact, it may provide a boost to your shareholder price by investing in a new network security addition. Do not wait until it is too late, the biggest threat to an organization could be walking into the office right now. Do not let the one bad apple, ruin the entire orchard.

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