BBC iPlayer gets a mobile update

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If you have an iPhone, Nokia N85, 5800, E71, N95, N96, Samsung Omnia, Sony Ericsson Xperia X1, W705, W715, C905, W995 and the HTC Touch HD you can now stream BBC iPlayer over a WiFi connection. You can also stream with 3G(providing you’re on 3 or Vodafone, which then rules out the iPhone as it’s o2 only) The iPhone can listen to the radio service Listen Again, which both the Samsung Omnia and Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 are unable to do.


The Nokia N85, 5800, E71, N96 and the Sony Ericsson W995 allows you to download your programs over WiFi and gives you 7 days to watch the downloaded content.


Jason DaPonte, managing editor of BBC Mobile, “Twittered” answers to many questions people posed about the future of iPlayer on the mobile format. He hinted that they were working on an improved system, aiming towards a better iPhone version, especially with the new HTTP streaming with the 3.0  iPhone OS upgrade.


2 thoughts on “BBC iPlayer gets a mobile update”

  1. Great to hear that the website has been upgraded, be very intrested to see what will happen with 3.0 with the iphone.
    I only wish I would download content to my iphone and watch it when im not in wifi zone.
    I will not go into rant about that.

    Looking forwards to any improvemtns to the allready wonderfull mobile bbc iplayer.

    Keep up the great work.


  2. Dear Sir/Madam:

    I am new to the Nokia family….loving my e71. I use my device to watch British educational videos, I also use my device to listen to “wake up to money” every morning.

    In addition, I get to watch the Sky news, why because I am British living in Toronto Canada, I would pay a reasonalbe subscription to the iPlayer.

    Look at this way…All Brits around the world would bring in revenue. You could even have a section for Brits to voice their opinions about the current issues facing England today.

    But whatever you do…do not name it expat.


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