Battery boosting gadgets for your smartphone

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As incredible as smartphones are, there’s one bugbear that pretty much all owners have: poor battery life. If you find power drains too fast while you’re out and about, check out our pick of cool gadgets that will give your battery a boost.

For an emergency

Rarely encounter an empty battery, but want to be prepared in case of an emergency? This Portable Power Bank from Etsy is ideal.

This stylish keychain features a power pack that can serve as a backup for any device with a USB cable, so you can plug in your flat phone and make that important call.

For multiple gadgets

Gadget lovers with multiple devices can encounter even more battery problems, with their tablet, digital camera and e-reader also needing a power boost on the go.

A great solution is the Dual Power Bank, available at Gizoo with free UK delivery, which allows you to top up the batteries of two devices simultaneously—wherever you are.

When fully charged, the compact power pack can top up the batteries of four flat iPhone 5 smartphones! The host of connectors means you can charge almost any device.

For power-hungry smartphones

If you always find your battery bar blinking red, you need a long-term solution. Check out the range of Mophie Juice Packs, available for iPhone 5s, Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC One and more.

These are slimline phone cases that contain a battery, so you can enjoy protection from scratches as well as up to 100 per cent extra battery life. You simply flick a switch to access this extra power.

Mophie Juice Packs can be charged together with your smartphone for added convenience, and are available in a range of great colours.

For style and substance

Discreetly charge your smartphone without compromising on style with the Mighty Purse, which is compatible with iPhones and micro-USB smartphones.

A leather purse with a built-in power pack and charging cable, it’s the ultimate accessory for evenings out—never will you be left high and dry when you need to call a taxi again!

For eco-friendly charging

The eco-friendly solution to on-the-go charging is a solar power pack, like the Powertraveller Powermonkey Explorer. Use the sun’s rays to charge up the gadget, and then plug in your phone for a greener power boost.

It’s even waterproof and incredibly durable, making it perfect for backpackers, hikers and adventurers. The gadget can also be used to charge digital cameras, GPS devices and head torches.

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