Babies are every parent’s prized possession and the ability to watch and monitor them is a priceless gift. The baby room automation project designed for a baby nursery gives parents the chance to do this. The project uses a set of sensors and linear actuators (see more on the website) and is powered by a hardware component known as Udoo.  One can automate common tasks thus providing timely information to parents and allow them to monitor and analyze how their baby is doing. This project works by warning parents if the nursery is too cold or hot, automate baby room lights, play lullabies and provide flexibility to remotely to turn outlets on. The parents use an application for a smart phone to control the volume and content of what is played out of the speakers in the baby room.

The system uses open source home automation software called OpenHAB. The program runs on the Udoo, providing the server, interfaces, and rules for the room automation. It gives a warning to the audio alert when temperatures are too high in the nursery. The OpenHAB sensor can also be used to start and stop music automatically.

There are many automation rules that can be made by the combination of sensors and outputs. The parents can also monitor the baby’s sleep by capturing webcam pictures at regular intervals in the baby room. The images could later be strung together to give a good idea of the baby’s activities while asleep. Graphs of sensor data are also provided by OpenHAB thus noting if there are any changes needed to be made to the temperature control room.


It is evident that through technology, parents can monitor the growth of their baby’s in the baby room using sensors. They can check the temperature, music and watch the baby’s sleep among other things.



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