Author: James Smythe

HTC’s Touch Cruise with GPS Announced

The 3rd Addition to the Touch lineup from HTC is the Touch Cruise. Shockingly the Touch means the device will incorporate the TouchFLO interface, and the Cruise indicates it is GPS enabled. This phone will include HSDPA, WiFi, Bluetooth, a 3 megapixel camera, microSD expansion, and a 2.8-inch touch-screen lying on top of a Windows Mobile 6 foundation. The phone will apparently have TomTom navigator 6 preloaded onto it. It should be available in Europe later this month however no word on pricing just yet. It is also quad-band GSM so it will work...

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Early look at Google’s Android.

So the first images and videos of the Software Development Kit(SDK) for Googles new Android OS have been released. From the looks of it is appears quite impressive so far. Especially if you consider it was only announced a few days ago. After the jump we have some Images and Videos, though you should note these are all on a hardware reference model so you wont be buying an Android based phone anytime soon. Some of the our of box support includes: Touchscreen 3G Webkit-based browser Threaded text messaging MPEG-4, h.264, MP3, and AAC file formats Accelerated 3D graphics One of our commenter's (Roobedoo) pointed out they were a bit disappointed by the Android announcement as they have the immense size, wealth and innovation to be really competitive with the iPhone. While I do agree, it would be fantastic for Google to release a complete Phone+OS but I also think it could be a clever move on Google's behalf. They have 34 other companies helping them invest time and money to develop the best possible OS for a phone. Once they have mastered the OS they could look into releasing a proper GPhone, wether by themselves or in collaboration with another manufacturer. The other thing that is worth noting is that the iPhone has received a lot of flack for being crippled in certain areas (ie no 3.5g) however...

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Tesco Blunder: Xbox On Sale For £33: Why do I always miss these?

I think it was only the other week when ASDA screwed up and had bottles of beer available for 1p. This time is the turn of Tesco, they have been accidentally offering Xbox 360 consoles online for just £33.24. The pricing slip-up would have meant a giant saving for customers, as the Xbox package was meant to cost ten times as much. Sharp-eyed shoppers were quick to spot the bargain on the supermarket giant's website. At least one customer ordered 39 of the knock-down consoles online and had the payment accepted – but they have not been delivered. The deal offered the Xbox 360, the Forza Motorsport 2 and Viva Pinata games plus a wireless control pad. According to Trading standard it is illegal to raise the price of a product if the customer has already had their offer accepted. However the Tesco website says if they make a mistake with the price, they are not obliged to stick to it. It is not clear if Tesco will honour the order however the Asda mistake mentioned above was apparently not...

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BenQ G2400W monitor for gamers at a bargain price.

BenQ are setting their targets straight at the gamers with this monitor. Being a 24″ LCD monitor is can handle 1920×1600 resolutions for your PC, which also means it can handle full 1080p resolution if you want to plug your PS3/Blue Ray in. The unit comes with D-sub / DVI-D / HDMI inputs so you can have your PC through the DVI-D, PS3 through HDMI and 360 or Wii through the D-sub. Apparently this has been slapped with a $605 RRP, however I have actually just ordered one myself from Pixmania for a shockingly low price of £283 inc Vat. It has not arrived yet so I will report back on how good it is when it arrives. Personally I am not expecting it to be amazing but at that price I just cant say no. I have been looking around at monitors for a few weeks and I know that 22″ are the sweet spot for pricing at the moment with some available for around £150, but I cant help think that 1680×1050 wont feel much bigger than 1280×1024(my current res). I think at 1920×1600 it will feel like I will have a massive amount of extra real estate. I have also had to treat myself to a nice new 8800 GT to ensure my computer can handle that res. Though I do realise that the GTs start...

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No Google Phone: Instead Google announce Open Handset Alliance.

Ok so it does not look like Google are going to directly compete with Apple's iPhone but they are collaborating with 34 Phone related companies to produce an open source operating system for mobiles. The collaboration is called the Open Handset Alliance and they will be developing Android™ a complete mobile phone software stack. According to the Open Handset Alliance Android includes everything a manufacturer or operator needs to build a mobile phone. Android will be made available as open source via the Apache v2 license. Android was designed from the ground up to enable the best user experience possible on a mobile phone. It leverages web and Internet content to provide advanced services such as mobile mashups. An early look at the SDK will be available for download on November 12, 2007. Developers can take advantage of a comprehensive platform that gives them full access to the device, enabling them to develop innovative, integrated applications and more compelling services. Developers will also appreciate the rich built-in libraries that bring powerful and well-developed functionality that can easily be integrated into applications built for the platform. Open Handset Alliance members also plan to make it easier for platform developers to distribute and commercialize their applications.   Technorati Tags: Android , Google , Open Handset Alliance , Mobile OS , Open...

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