Author: James Smythe

T-Mobile UK Make browsing even cheaper

Following on from o2's recently announced "unlimited" plans (which confused us so much we didn't run the story), T-Mobile have reduced the price of their already excellent Web'n'Walk plans. The Web’n’walk Plus package (3GB monthly allowance) has been reduced from £29 to £20 a month, whilst the Web’n’walk Max (10Gb allowance and VoIP ability) from £44 to only £35 a month. Sure, it's only available to those on 24 month contracts but, let's be honest, T-Mobile are royally whooping almost every other network on data allowance and value-for-money right now. From November 1st you'll also be able to get a fast mobile Internet connection without any monthly commitment. Unlimited browsing is available for no more than £4 per day and there'll be speeds of up to 3.6mb per second, with plans to increase to 7.2mb p/s later this year. Richard Warmsley, Head of Internet on the Move at T-Mobile, said, "Our experience shows that customers want clear and simple price plans that offer value for money, and that is why we are offering flat-rate unlimited price packages" Source: CoolSmartPhone Technorati Tags:...

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iPhone UK Launch Details

Out November 9th (2007) on the O2 network. The iPhone will be available from O2, Apple and Carphone Warehouse stores across the UK for £269 + an 18 month contract. What’s more interesting is the O2 iPhone deal is tied in with Apple for 5 years, so if you want an iPhone you are going to have to go to the O2 network. All the O2 tariffs will come with unlimited data and access to 7500 The Cloud's Wi-Fi Hot Spots.Subject to fair usage policy.   Technorati Tags: iPhone , Apple ,...

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Time: Invention Of the Year: The iPhone

Time has named the iPhone the invention of the year. Based on reader votes the iPhone beat the Samsung P2, Drogonfly Toy, Sony Handycam HDR-CX7 and the Belkin N1 Vision Wi-Fi Router to the top spot. With all the Apple fanboys around it is hardly a suprise the iPhone won, however looking at ther runners up, even though I don't personally like the phone, I do think the iPhone deserved the...

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Toshiba Rolls Out 22-Inch WQUXGA 3840×2400 Monitor

Apparantly Toshiba has rolled out a 22 super Kousei small LCD monitor” with a resolution of 3840×2400, 200 dots per inch and a contrast ration of 300:1. The monitor should sell for 2,079,000 Yen ($18,000, £9000). There is also a XP-compatible PCI card required to run it will set you back another 312,900 Yen ($2,700,...

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Intel Core 2 Extreme QX9650 lauches in November. First Penryn CPU built on 45nm Fabrication Process

In the next few days (12th November) Intel will be releasing its Core 2 Extreme QX9650 CPU, its new high end processor. This is the first Intel chip based built on the 45nm fabrication process, and it is also the first chip based on the Penryn core,, the successor of the Merom core. The Core 2 Extreme QX9650 is clocked at 3GHz with 1333MHz front side bus and 6MB of L2 Cache per core die making 12MB in total. UK price will be around £650 (inc. VAT) or in the US $999 (ex. Tax). The Penryn family of CPUs includes Wolfdale and Yorkfield with the QX9650 being a Yorkfield CPU. Basically the Wolfdale CPUs are the desktop version of the Penryn, with two cores sharing 6 MB of L2 cache. The York Yorkfield (QX9650) is actually a pair of Wolfdales on the same silicon substrate package, giving your 2 Dual Core CPUs but in one LGA775 socket. With the move to the 45nm fabrication process Intel have managed to fit 410-million transistors on a 107mm² die, in comparison the Conroe die was a 291-million transistor design with a surface area of 143mm². In theory if Intel wanted to make the Conroe using the 45nm fabrication process they could squeeze it onto a 70mm² die. It is also worth noting that while the Wolfdale has nearly 50% more transistors than...

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