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SoundPEATS Q29 Wireless Minimalist Earbuds Review

SoundPEATS Q29 is a similar concept to the Bragi Dash that made waves at CES a few years ago. They are completely wireless earphones that are fit in your ear and then sync to each other, as well as pairing with your phone via Bluetooth. In theory, this should be amazing, no annoying nightly wires getting in the way while doing exercise, and less chance (for me) of getting sweat into the controls etc. In practice, they were not quite as great as I hoped for. The SoundPEATS come in a nice charging case, each earpiece has a small...

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F-Secure SENSE Review – Secure router with built in threat protection

The F-Secure SENSE is a quite an exciting product in the world of routers. It the first hardware product from F-Secure, but it is also a router that has been designed from the ground up to be completely secure (if that’s possible). The router itself is not only secure but uses proprietary threat management software from F-Secure to secure your entire network. Specification The F-Secure SENSE is strictly just a router, there is no modem inside, so you will need your ADSL modem/router plugged into the WAN port of the SENSE, then all your other devices plugged into the...

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F-Secure Total Internet Security and VPN Review

During my press trip to Helsinki to demo the F-Secure Sense, I was also shown their original flagship product, F-Secure Total. This is a complete AV and VPN suite that will secure 5 devices (dependent on the option you choose). The 5-device licence is £99.99 or the 3-device licence £79.99. While this makes this one of the most expensive products on the market it does include a VPN which will normally set you back a monthly fee. Depending on the VPN you chose this alone can be nearly as expensive as Total. NordVPN costs $69.99 per year for example,...

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AOC Q2778VQE Review 27in 1440p Monitor

My previous AOC and Philips reviews have all been for quite expensive monitors and as much as I would like to own an AGON AG271QG I personally can’t quite justify the expense. I am sure this is also the case for many others. For me, I want a 27in 2560 x 1440 monitor as one of my side screens so I don’t even need a gaming orientated monitor. Therefore, I jumped at the chance to review the AOC Q2778VQE before committing to buy it. Priced at £204 on Amazon this is an amazing priced screen, but does the low...

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F-Secure Press Trip and the Future of Cyber Security

This past weekend F-Secure was kind enough to invite me out to Helsinki to demo their brand-new F-Secure Sense router as well as do some talks on IoT hacking and demo their cross-platform security suite. I will be reviewing both the software and sense in separate posts within the next week. As we all know, there have been some major issues with cyber security recently, the WannaCry incident has been the worst malware issue in years and could have been far worse if @MalwareTechBlog hadn’t prevented its spread. During our talk with Mikko Hypponen, he said it would have...

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