Author: James Smythe

Google Home Believed to be $130 at Launch. 4K Chromecast $70

We heard about Google Home at the annual I/O developer conference, it is basically a smart spear in direct competition to the Amazon Echo. It is a logical step for Google too, Goole Music is a big service for them, and Google Now is a voice assistant they have been pushing hard the past couple of years. Good news is, that the reported price is going to be just $130 which is $50 less than the Amazon Echo. Obviously, this won’t convert nicely over to the UK, but I would expect it to be around £130, which is still...

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BT Halo Review – Call Blocking Cordless Home Phone with Bluetooth

I have to admit, I don’t currently use a home phone anymore, and I think this is a growing trend. However, BT built their business around land lines and there is still a large number of people that use them. In which case the BT Halo phone might be the ultimate home phone. One of the main features of BT’s recent phones is the call blocking, and the previous generation, the BT8500 has generally been lauded for this feature. The Halo keeps this feature but brings a new much more modern design, and adds a whole host of new features...

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Amazon Echo & Echo Dot now up for pre-order in the UK. Echo discounted £99 for Prime members.

Amazon have finally announced they are launching the Echo in the UK, and the RRP will be £149.99 but if you are a Prime member you can pre-order it today for just £99. Amazon Echo has been quite a bit hit in America, and a lot of app developers are working on integrating it into their systems, as we saw with Kayak earlier this year. If you are not familiar with Echo, it is basically a wireless speaker with voice control (called Alexa) built into it. Basically, if you put Siri into Sonos, you would have Echo. So you...

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Besiter Eclipse 3 7500mAh Series Portable Charger External Battery Pack Review

As a gadget geek and blogger, my phone battery starts to look sorry for itself by about mid-day so I am frequently reliant on battery packs to keep me going. Over the years I have collected quite a few. The recent pack I have been using is the Besiter Eclipse 3 7500mAh. It is actually a smaller device than I would normally choose, as I wanted something a little more pocket-friendly. I wasn’t sure about its exact size when I ordered it, but figured it had to be smaller and lighter than the 10000mAh. In reality, it is a...

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Braun CareStyle 3 Steam Generator Iron Review

Steam generator irons may not be the normal sort of gadget you see on here, but it is a household appliance that is just as important as any other, and any technology that can improve the tedium of ironing is welcome by me! If you are not familiar with steam generator irons, they are a much larger, and often more expensive version of your old fashioned iron. They come in 2 sections, the iron itself and the reservoir/heating mechanism. This design choice means 2 things, the iron can store considerably more water, and quite often the heating element is...

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