This is my 3rd budget mechanical keyboard review now, and the second from Aukey. The Aukey KM-G9 is a tenkeyless (88-key) mechanical keyboard using blue Outemu switches. It is an all-black keyboard with no backlighting at all. It is priced extremely competitively at just £32.99 on Amazon.

As usual with Aukey the packaging is basic but good quality. In the box, you just get the keyboard itself and a keycap removal tool.

The keyboard itself feels quite weighty, the base is plastic but feels very solid. It has a caseless design similar to the Gearbest keyboard I reviewed, this makes it nice and compact. Thankfully it has a double height enter key that I prefer.

The keyboard requires no software nor does it have dedicated media buttons. But you can use the function key to carry out quite a lot of media related functions. Each one of the F keys has a function associated with it.

With it using Outemu blue switches, the typing experience is almost identical to the KM-G3 and the Gearbest keyboard previously reviewed. Blue switches are quite noisy but it is a pleasant clicking sound that many people deliberately seek out. Tactile feedback is great and it performs well for gaming. As discussed in my previous reviews many users can’t tell the difference between Outemu switches and the far more expensive Cherry MX Blue switches, which means you can get a superb mechanical keyboard for a quite reasonable price.

The one area people may not like is the lack of backlighting. I have come to quite like the subtle white light from my Logitech G610, but I am indifferent to RGB.

Overall, for the price, this is a great little keyboard. It is quite basic, but for most people that is all you need from a keyboard.

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