Smart home integration has an ongoing appeal these days and comes with lots of appliances and features with emphasis on convenience, comfort and safety. Smart locks are no exception; they vary in connectivity, accessibility and the working mechanisms of the locks.

Most of the locks come with Bluetooth connection, however it allows you to control locks within certain range and the consumption of battery might be an issue. On the other hand, Z-wave and Wi-Fi enabled devices gives you full control from anywhere, by connecting to the hub via internet.

August Smart Lock is a Bluetooth-only enabled device that is easy to install, looks good and has lots of features. It might be pricey compared to others in line, though is the only one that works on existing deadbolt and keyset without the need to replace the whole lock mechanism.

One of the greatest features of the lock is its automatic unlock option, letting you in and out within close proximity. Besides, Everlock setting automatically locks the door in 30 seconds after it is opened. The system is flawless; the only drawback would be its incompatibility with Android system, as it only works on iOS, yet.

The system is easy to install and takes under 15 minutes, allowing account management and the distribution of e-keys for different users. In case you need control from afar, there is an extra Wi-Fi accessory from the company, which can be linked to home Wi-Fi system.

In conclusion, August Smart Lock is the best device there is at the moment and adds interesting features for smart home integration, though it should be noted, that despite its ease of use and handiness, installing smart lock does not make your place any safer and locks can still be penetrated.

If you are to face any such scenario and have become a victim of burglary, do not forget to call a locksmith near you and replace or install fresh new locks immediately.

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