Asus U36 : Super Slim MacBook Air rival

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The MacBook Air lets remember is stupidly thin and weighs a meagre 2.9 pounds. Makes you wonder how on earth it works and how small technology can actually get. Well in the race for the thinnest and then obviously most portable laptop Apple are still in the lead but if you’re not into what Steve Jobs has to offer you have a look at the new Asus U36.


Ok it’s not as small and thin as a MacBook Air but it nearly is and it has a few of its own tricks up its proverbial sleeve. This 13.5” notebook is just a little bit heavier at 3 pounds and only a fraction thicker at 0.75” at it's thickest point. Processor wise you get the choice of Intel i3 or i5 and the NVIDIA’s super smart Optimus graphics. However what the U36 does have over Apple for sure is the battery performance. The four-cell battery in this baby boasts a 10 hour life on full charge whereas the MacBook Air only manages 7 hours.


Sadly thats all we know for now and it’s all Asus is letting in on but certainly keep your eyes on this if you’re after a non-Apple super portable notebook.


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