Asus O!Play Air Media Streamer

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Looking for a decent media streamer? Not got a PS3 or 360?(maybe you do and you want something a little more dedicated.) Then Taiwanese specialists ASUS are letting us in Blighty get our grubby little mitts on the O!PlayAir HDP-R3.


Not the first media streamer ASUS have brought to the table but this one is its first to incorporate WiFi a must in most peoples eyes for a good media streamer. Now this baby is packing N-standard WiFi so if you’ve got an N enabled WiFi network you’ll get the full benefits.


So what does it do? Well firstly plug it into your TV via HDMI. Set up the usual settings of your network and BAM! you can play media wirelessly straight from your PC(providing your up to date with your Windows Media Player) or media server. For those who have ethernet connections, you can use that too.It plays all your standard file types, AVI, MP4, MPG etc but the bonus it does is play MKV which if you’re not familiar with seems to be the most used now for HD content.


Asus haven’t set a UK price yet but the HDP-R3 is retailing in Italy at €129.90 which is around £115 and should be available hopefully by the end of the week.


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