Asus N53 and N73 : Bang & Olufsen Collaboration

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Asus as ever is pushing the boundaries of home portable computing having recently released that they would be collaborating with the sound whizzkids at Bang & Olufsen to take portable audio from a computer to the next level. The Danish maestros have developed SonicMaster technology, a high-quality speaker and software system to deliver the goods to our ears.


Asus have gone on to say that SonicMaster "isn't a gimmick, but a new professional audio certification programme for portable computers.” Well obviously it’s doubtful Bang & Olufsen would put their name to something that’s average. The technology itself is “large speaker chambers, more powerful amplifiers and extensive software processing”. So what about the laptops themselves.


The N53 is a 15.6” affair whilst the N73 is a whopping 17.3”. The N53 comes with Core i3 or i5 processors with the N73 opting with the latter. Graphics wise a choice of 1GB Nvidia 450M(N53 only) or GT325(available for both) . These are also equipped with the Nvidia Optimus system. This is the GPU switching system so when you’re running low graphics programs you can power down the GPU and save battery life. HDD wise the N53 comes with 500GB and the N73 640GB. Both have 4GB of RAM and both have Blu-Ray drives, HDMI out and USB 3.0.


Available before the year is out you can expect prices of the N53 to start at £650 going up to £1000(depending on options) and the N73 will be around £1100 .


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