Asus Eee keyboard could be out in May

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We posted about the Asus Eee keyboard back in January when it was seen at CES. Asus has now revealed some more details about the self-contained PC, as well as potential release dates, at the CeBIT show in Hannover.

The Eee Keyboard will be based on a 1.6GHz Intel Atom processor, and will be equipped with 1GB of RAM and an SSD with either 16GB or 32GB SSD.

There will be two versions at different price points, with the main distinguishing feature being a wireless HDMI connection to the TV.

The keyboard also comes with pair of USB 2.0 ports, a VGA connector and a standard HDMI port, along with bluetooth and wireless.

It is estimated that the standard version will cost $400 US (£285), while the wireless version will cost somewhere between $400 US and $600 US (£427).

Asus’ company chairman Jonney Shih said that the new Eee Keyboard could be released as soon as May this year, but that June would be a more realistic bet.


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