How Artificial Intelligence is being utilized in the Human Resource Industry?

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Human beings have real intelligence. When you try to make a machine work intelligently like a human being then it becomes artificial intelligence. In the recent age or time, AI is involved in almost everything we do digitally. The main job of artificial intelligence is to pour intelligence in a machine so that it can act as close as possible to the working of a human mind. Wherever you see automation AI is involved there.

Did you ever withdraw money from an ATM machine? The ATM machine is able to understand all the instructions you give to withdraw your money. If the instructions are clear and free from any errors you are actually able to withdraw the required amount of money without the need for a human operator sitting in front of you. So how come the ATM machine has become so intelligent? This is all possible due to artificial intelligence.

Actually, there are developers who know about the various types of programming languages used in artificial intelligence. These programming languages help in coding and this coding is nothing but the instructions which a machine understands and follow. That is how the machine acts intelligently, as a human being, after being properly coded to follow the given instructions. AI is now being used in almost every field of life and human resource is no exception.

The main role played by an hr department is hiring and recruiting of employees, training and development of employees, handling their payroll and compensation and working on the employment policies and procedures. AI can be used here as well when all the above- mentioned activities can be automated to some extent if not all. An hr software is the major AI tool that is being used to make the tasks easier and faster for the hr department.

You can watch this video of the functioning of people hr software to get a glimpse of what a typical AI tool can do for the hr department. As you can see in the video a lot of tasks related to employee management can be automated with the help of an artificial intelligence technology, such as an hr software, which manually would have been a difficult and time-consuming task using the spreadsheets and paper files. But there are actually different types of hr technology systems as mentioned here in more details. A business organization needs to choose the right one as per the requirements of their hr department.

You may wonder if AI technology can really meet your custom requirements. It may be that you have tested all the hr systems using the free trial and still none of the systems could exactly go along with your custom requirements. The good news is that it is also possible to add custom features as per the requirements of your hr department. If you think a particular hr system is only 95% good for your use then the remaining 5% can also be tailored. Just you need to approach your hr system vendor and they will add the functionalities you need. However, they may charge something extra for that.

A software is like an intelligent robot and the coding in it can even be edited and added new to alter or add new functions. The developers of these AI systems are the people working behind them. So there is no problem whatsoever if you need the AI technology to work in favour of you.

Artificial intelligence, however, in this modern age is only good to get certain work done by a machine (software in the case of HR) as per the automated instructions given using the programming languages codes. A software or robot however still cannot take a random decision like a human brain does.

For example, resumes of candidates may be sorted as per different criteria using the recruitment or hr software but this software cannot make a hiring decision on its own. It works as per what has been fed into its internal system using the language codes.

Nevertheless, a robot named Robot Vera was developed in the year 2016 that is still hiring humans for some of the world's biggest corporations. This web robot is automatically connected to five different job sites to find candidates matching the recruiter's demand and then taking an automated interview of the qualified candidates. But since the interview is still automated candidates who excel in this automated interview are passed on to the company's HR manager for the final hiring decision and Robot Vera don't make a final decision.

We can consider Robot Vera as the closest match to the human brain in this modern age in the hr industry. But any AI-based technology could really take a decision on it's own in a random situation is still a far-fetched dream.

But according to this post on, something interesting could still come in the next 100 years based on a concept called synthetic telepathy which is a telepathic communication using brain signals. Using this type of communication it will be possible to send and receive electronic signals using our brains, then we may no longer need to control our AI-based HR system using touch. We may be able to review job applications, approve holiday requests, and send out employment contracts, simply by thinking. But still a long way to go.

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