Archos to launch ultra-thin, 5-inch, Android-based Internet Media Tablet

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Archos has announced it is to launch an “ultra-thin Internet Media Tablet combined with a mobile phone” based on both its own and Google's Android operating system.

The Internet Media Tablet will receive all the “functionalities of a premium smartphone” plus its applications whilst Archos' multimedia framework will offer entertainment and web-browsing.

The 5 inch screen will also offer “PC Like” internet access with full-width page viewing, full screen Adobe Flash and Flash Video support, and on demand access to Archos' multimedia library as well as TV recording.

The Archos will be just 10mm thick and they are planning to release capacities up to 500GB.

Archos are also reporting they will be using the OMAP 3 platform from Texas Instruments and boasts “laptop-like performance” from the OMAP3440 processor based on the ARM Cortex-A8.

We have blogged about the OMAP3430 which is used on the Palm Pre over at our Palm Pre Blog. The OMAP3430 is currently used in the Archos 5 and is clocked at 600 MHz which should allow for support for 720p HD video. The OMAP3440 is the next processor up clocked at 800 MHz.


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