Archos enters the Smart Home market

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Another day and another company jumping onto the smart home bandwagon. This time the French company Archos have announced the originally named, Smart Home Solution. The platform is based around a tablet-like gateway and various sensors that users can place in and around their homes for remote monitoring.

The gateway gathers information from up to 30 Bluetooth sensors that you place around the house. The sensors come with various abilities including video, motion,weather and electricity. The initial kit will come with one video camera and one motion sensor and will retail for $200. Additional sensors seem to be reasonably priced between $14 – $50 (e.g., the weather sensor costs $30).

All the sensors are water resistant and feature replaceable batteries, but you wont have to worry about that too much as they sensors should last 18 months to two years.

Archos is due to start shipping units from February to EU residents then US in March.

Image Source: Engadget


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