Archos 101 Tablet PC

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Another day, another tablet PC, this time from across the channel it’s the boys from Archos. At the end of the day before Apple came with the iPad and the iPod Touch, Archos were making touchscreen PMPs and Tablet PCs and good ones at that so you can be sure that they have the knowledge and ability to make ones capable of competing with the mighty iPad.


First thing to note about the 101 is that it has a 10.1” screen. Ample enough right? Secondly it runs Android 2.2 which comes with full Flash support making your browsing experience better than that of an Apple product. Bundle this with WiFi, Bluetooth and HDMI out it’s got plenty of connectivity options. Third great fact is it’s only 12mm thin so extra portable and last but by no means least it’s memory size. Available in two sizes 8GB and 16GB the memory can also be expanded by that wonderful invention the SD card.


The 8GB is retailing at £269.99 while the 16GB one at £299.99 certainly both reasonable prices in my opinion in comparison to the higher priced iPad.


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