All technology giants are seemingly cottoning on to health to inform people and get the best out of our user experience on our smartphones, iPods and laptops. Apple© have created their own health app to help us monitor our health, from sleep and nutrition monitoring to tracking steps taken every day, to actual physical input of linking health records to your phone for people to review in emergencies.

Another great app for people to use in emergencies is GoodSAM. GoodSAM will help first responders in the area be alerted to a situation before emergency workers can arrive at a scene. This is an app that connects not only alerts the emergency services of a situation arising, but also people with skills to provide critical help before the emergency services arrive. It has attracted the news so much that even the London Ambulance Service has now partnered with the apps makers,

A wonderful website for health monitoring is (It does what it says on the tin!) There is also an app to go with it. You can have access to your clinical records and updates on your health status, link your family’s accounts to improve your health and lifestyle and more. For specific health conditions such as diabetes and migraines there are websites and apps accordingly – just do a search for your condition. For Endometriosis that affects one in ten women, for example  – there’s Flutter and for cancers, there’s a Macmillan organiser app.

Another very useful website is Top Doctors,  that provide first-class medical advice and help to find the best specialist in your area. They use a rigorous method of recruitment for each city and select the best doctors in all specialities.  You can use the site to reserve an appointment online or by phone.

Another website and app made by Microsoft for health monitoring is Healthvault. With Healthvault you can store your own medical records safely, sharing them securely with healthcare professionals. The health monitoring tool has been around for a long time, with dedicated users – especially amongst people with chronic conditions who need to track daily health information, including blood pressure, oxygen and glucose levels. You can input your data yourself or automatically via connecting HealthVault to medical devices, including bathroom scales.

As mindfulness is in the news a lot, there’s a great app been created for this too to do bite-sized meditations. Other lifestyle websites include running apps and sleep apps such as Runtastic and Map my Run where you can plan your run and put updates on social media of your times and social media. A good sleep app is Sleep Cycle and for the busy beings Power Nap App (only available on IOS).

There are other lifestyle apps depending on what sports floats your boat, including cycling apps to also help you map your route also – to all manner of sporting monitoring information such as blood pressure monitors by Taconic System LLC, Cardiograph heart rate monitoring and nutrition apps such as MyPlate Calorie Counter. If you want an overall fitness tracker then MyFitnessPal is the answer.

With all these apps and websites at your disposal, there’s really no excuse to not be informed nowadays. You can call a first responder at a moment’s notice, track your blood pressure, link your family’s details to yours for an informed picture of your health online and track your sporting and mental wellbeing.


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