Apple Watch Series 2: Waterproof and with GPS

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It has been 2 years since Apple released the original Apple Watch, and many competitors have entered the market since, so it is about time the Watch received a decent upgrade.

Appearance wise it is very similar to the original but inside the watch, it has been entirely redesigned.

It now has a new S2 dual-core processor and better graphics that are twice as fast as the original. The display can handle over 1,000 nits and is the brightest display Apple has ever shipped.

It is now waterproof up to 50 meters and is even focussing on swimmers with the new Apple Watchesn A tracker algorithm which will give an accurate calorie burn count, personalised health and sports stats, with two workout programmes on offer for swimmers.

The Watch also has GPS built into it, making it much more useful for sports enthusiasts.

That is more or less it in terms of features, but there are a few new design options.

The watches are available in existing aluminium, gold and stainless steel as well as a new ceramic material. With the ceramic being 4 times stronger than steel and costing about 4 times as much at £1,249

There is also a Nike+ edition with special watch faces, a different wristband and custom software with a Running Club app.

Prices and details.

The Series 1 which is slightly upgraded version of the original will be from £269 and the Series 2 will be from £369.

Apple Watch 2 will go on sale from September 16, with the Nike+ coming out in October.

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