Apple Watch Announced

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Apple has just confirmed the arrival of its first fully-fledged wearable device, the Apple Watch. This has been a widely rumored device for months now but it is quite an interesting development. Samsung are on their 3rd gen watch now, multiple Andriod devices are being launched but from general chatter online there does not appear to be a huge demand for such devices. So for Apple to get on board they must be confident about the future of the wearable tech.

The Apple Watch has a saffire display, four sensors on the back, and a choice of straps at launch. There does not appear to be a great deal of info about the rear sensors at the moment but we hope they are fitness sensors such as a heart rate monitor as we think this could add genuine value to such a deice.

There's a hardware dial, just like on a regular watch, that Apple is calling a “digital crown,” which can be used to navigate menus, zoom into images and more. We think this a pretty neat touch from Apple.

There is no word on pricing as yet and we will update this post as more info comes through.

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