Apple recommendations for those suffering from hot iPhones

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Oh dear, seems a few people are suffering burnt body parts from hot iPhones. A lot of complaints are being made about some serious heat issues. You’d think with the new all singing and dancing iPhone only being out a fortnight this issue might just be a firmware bug but it seems its quite a big problem, to which Apple has responded.


If your phone is exceeding “normal operating temperatures” Apple says it can affect phone charging, display brightness and signal strength. If your iPhone gets too hot Apple recommends you 1) don’t leave it in parked car , 2) don’t leave it in direct sunlight and 3) don’t use processor-intensive Apps in hot conditions (ie using the ipod feature in the sun, or using GPS in a hot car)


If the white iPhone discolouration complaint continues (for those who may not know, people have been reporting that the white backed iPhones when getting extremely hot have discoloured the white plastic to a pink colour) may lead Apple to recall its “Jesus” of smartphones.


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1 thought on “Apple recommendations for those suffering from hot iPhones”

  1. As much as i love my iphone, and still remain slightly jealous at not having the 3GS, I can’t help but point and laugh when seeing the new ‘white with brown stain’ cases.

    I think Apples unintentionally hilarious recommendations only add to the comic value. They also should have said:

    4) to increase usability place hand in freezer first before using
    5) do not use iphone near flammable liquids
    6) have a tube of savlon anticeptic cream in pocket, incase of burns to hand
    7) do not use anywhere near someone in a shellsuit 🙂


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