Apple planning to hold March 2016 event to launch the Apple Watch 2, iPhone 6c and iPad Air 3!

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According to rumours Apple will hold its next product launch event in March next month, where many are suggesting they will announce at least 3 new products: the Apple Watch 2, the iPad Air 3 as well as a new, updated iPhone 6c. In terms of a date for the event the current consensus amongst everyone is the 15th March 2016 but this isn’t confirmed by anyone, but let’s go through in more detail what we do know.

Let’s begin with the iPad Air 3, which of the three products is definitely the most likely to appear at the March event due to Apple skipping an update on it in October last year. According to many rumours online the iPad Air 3 will incredibly be even thinner than the iPad Air 2 and will be crafted from aluminium that is even stronger than the current model. What’s more the iPad Air 3 will get a new processor chip called the A9X, which is found in the new iPad Pro and is not only very speedy it focuses on streamlining and power-efficiency. Alongside this the iPad Air 3 will feature an 8 megapixels rear-facing iSight camera and a 2.1Mp front-facing FaceTime camera, and should be available in Apple's three iOS device colour options: silver, space grey and rose gold.

The big rumours about the whole event is around the Apple Watch 2 which should appear at the event, but according to some it won’t be available to ship until April the next month. In terms of features firstly, Apple is planning to add a FaceTime video camera to the Watch that will enable users to make and receive FaceTime calls via their wrists. Alongside this Apple intend to offer sleep tracking and better health sensor technologies, not only that it will be less reliant on the iPhone as well. What’s key to mention is that while we might not get a full Apple Watch update at the March event but instead new models of the original Apple Watch as stated by some online there’s sure to be new band options. These new band options would include new sports band options, additional colours of the new Hermes bands, and an all-new line of bands made from a different materials. Finally there could also be updates to the Apple Watch's software and an all-day better battery life has also been mentioned.

The final big product rumour is the iPhone 6c or iPhone 5se which it may be called for special edition. The new iPhone is said to have a 4 inch size and is likely to have an iPhone 5s style metallic case rather than previous plastic one, what’s more it will have a colour scheme to match the Apple Watch Sport straps (blue, pink, green and white). Alongside this the iPhone 6c is expected to offer an 8Mp rear facing camera with a 1.2Mp front facing FaceTime camera, and will be power by an A8 processor chip. What’s more the iPhone 6c will have an NFC chip for Touch ID and Apple Pay but it won’t have the Force Touch feature, however the battery life should be a lot better.

Other rumours for the March event include a new MacBook Air, a 13in MacBook Pro and all sorts of software updates but with Apple you just never know, so will have to wait till the March event to find out more.

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