Apple loses another iPhone prototype- might be the least of its problems

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CNET reported earlier this week that Apple has lost another prototype iPhone. Losing the phone has become old news and the twists and turns of the story have overshadowed the disappearance of the  phone itself, with the San Francisco Police Department (SFPD) first being involved in the investigation, then denying that Apple had filled a report. Now it’s being reported that SFPD officers accompanied Apple security personnel to the home of  Sergio Calderón and while the policemen waited outside, the Apple employees searched the home and computer of Mr. Calderon, finding nothing.Previous reports indicated that Apple was able to track the phone to the Calderon apartment, probably through the Find My Phone application. Mr. Calderon denies any knowledge of the lost iPhone but has said to the media that he thought all of the individuals who visited him were police officers and further claims that he was threatened on one hand and offered money on the other to return the phone, no questions asked.When confronted by a reporter from the SF Weekly, a spokesman for the SFPD indicated that all the officers did was to escort the Apple investigators to the residence. Mr. Calderon  states that he thought all six individuals were law enforcement officers and would not have consented to a search of his home otherwise.  If this is the case, then Apple, its involved employees, and the San Francisco Police Department could be looking at civil and possibility criminal liability under American law.  It is possible that Apple was able to originally prevail on law enforcement to not file any reports in an effort to keep the affair under the press radar and avoid a repeat of the media frenzy that accompanied the widely reported loss of a prototype iPhone 4 in April of 2010.All that is known at this time about the missing iPhone 5 is that it was reportedly sold on Craig's-list for $200.00.  In light of the legal firestorm that resulted from Gizmodo buying and disassembling the then unreleased iPhone 4 last year, it’s highly unlikely that the new missing iPhone will ever see the light of day.

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