Apple launch iPhone 4S: what can we expect?

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Apple held the launch event for the new iPhone 4S on Tuesday 4th October. The event was held at Apple’s headquarters in San Francisco.

Beforehand, Apple had sent out invitations to the launch, which gave very little away about the new product.

Apple’s previous model, the iPhone 4, has become the world’s best-selling smartphone since it launched last year in June. It is suspected that Apple want to break the market in China with their new version.

However, what can we expect from the iPhone 4S?


The iPhone 4S has numerous improved hardware specifications. The handset has a dual core A5 processor, which is also used in the iPad 2. The iPhone 4S antenna is slightly altered to find the best signal possible.

The main addition to the iPhone 4S is a new automated voice control system, which is called ‘Siri’. Siri allows users to verbally command the iPhone to perform tasks, which it will then complete. For example a user can ask “What will the weather be like today?” and the iPhone will respond with “It is going to be warm with some cloud and the average temperature will be 28 degrees”.

Along with handsets, the market for iPhone accessories is likely to become very busy and customers are encouraged to get prepared.

Customers are advised to purchase iPhone 4S cases and iPhone 4S covers to keep their handset protected from any damage. offers a wide selection of products, ranging from classic leather to screen protectors.

Also, an iPhone charger ensures that users are not caught out without any battery life on their phone. Again, offers a varied range of chargers, including: car, mains chargers and even power jackets.

Apple has said the product will be launched for public sale on October 14th 2011 in the US and the UK. Until then, we will just have to wait to own the new product ourselves.

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