Apple HDMI Adaptor : iPad 1/2 iPod touch and iPhone supported

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Connectivity between your devices and your TV especially those with camera/video functions is a must these days with new PMPs and mobile smartphones with HDMI out ports so you can see your images and videos in fullscreen, HD goodness. This has eluded portable Apple owners for sometime although there has been the component out lead which retailing at £39.99 was neither cheap nor the simplest form of outputting your goods to the telly. FINALLY Apple is releasing a HDMI adaptor. Yes that’s right lets not incorporate it into our future products, make the customer buy yet another accessory for their iPod, iPhone or iPad.


With the iPad 2 showcased last week Apple also demonstrated its new HDMI adaptor basically plugging into the Apple adaptor port at the base with a HDMI out port then attached to the adaptor. Supporting iPhone 4, 4th generation iPod touch and both the original iPad and the future iPad2. The iPad2 will output at Full 1080p HD whereas the others will only get up to 720p due to the fact the iPad2’s new A4 chipset will give the Full HD support whereas the older chipsets in the iPhone, iPod and iPad can’t handle it.


On the Apple store the HDMI adaptor is listed as the “Digital AV Adaptor” set as coming soon and with a RRP of $39 so if the American price reflects the UK price it’ll be a reasonable £25 or so which is a lot cheaper than the current price of the component lead.AppleHDMI

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