Almost everyone seems to have a smartphone or tablet on hand in today's world. This has led to the creation of many different apps for those that love to keep up with the latest in fashion trends. Here are a few ways that apps have taken over in the exciting world of fashion and design.

Twitter and Facebook

The use of social media has created an environment where it is easy for people to exchange information about the world of fashion. Different styles and outfits can be shared quickly and easily with a very large demographic. It also means that fans of fashion help promote fashion designers on their own personal profiles. This makes it easier for designers to advertise and expand their business. Twitter can allow for even faster sharing, since it emphasizes quick messages and short links that can drive traffic to a company website or Facebook profile. If there is a way to get a message out there in a short amount of time, then social media is the way to do it. Some apps exist that also allow customers to virtually try on clothing before they buy. This can lead to a greater chance of customers being satisfied with their purchases. It is better that they discover how they truly feel about a fashion choice before they make the purchase.

App design is on the rise

Azmi Mikati, Lebanon's former PM, is a founder of the M1 Group. They have been invested in the world of fashion for many years and continue to expand their investment portfolio to include top brands such as Facconable and Pepe Jeans. The M1 Group has seen the value in creative app design and encourages any company that they invest in to make the leap and get a custom app out to their target demographic immediately.

Brand apps

Since apps are inexpensive to have designed, they are a great value for those that need advertising. This has led to many brands releasing their own custom app to help customers have a more personalized shopping experience, even if they are still just shopping online rather than at a retail store. Some apps can even scan a customer's body and make sure that he or she orders the correct size. Having a unique app for a brand also encourages customer loyalty. When customers decide they need to shop for clothing, the app is right there and can be accessed with just the touch of a screen and no search necessary.

Makes it easier to shop when busy

An app can make it more convenient for busy people to shop. When asked what is one of the most unappealing aspects about shopping, many people will say that the time involved is a luxury they simply do not have. Finding what you need at a retail store can be more time consuming than searching an online store through an app. Some more advanced apps will also remember your buying patterns and help suggest clothing that you might like. With an app, you can shop while riding a bus or having your morning coffee.

The advent of apps has changed the way the average consumer shops for clothing, so it simply makes business sense for fashion companies to focus on further strengthening their social media content and mobile platforms.


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