Becoming an App developer is easy with ChupaMobile

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Following our post about the growth of casual gaming I did some research on how easy it is to enter the casual gaming market myself. While I have a background of programming, I haven't done it properly in years and I have absolutely no design skills whatsoever so ever. So my initial conclusion was that it would take months of learning Swift/Object C and I would probably never get the design skills to make a decent game.

However, with success stories like Flappy Birds, another industry has taken off. You can now buy readymade games and apps for Apple or Android and then customise them yourself. This potentially reduces the learning curve significantly and would allow me to get some experience in developing and publishing apps without spending months doing the basics.

During my research Chupamobile was the website that appealed the most. They offer prebuilt apps for Anroid, iOS and Unity, and they have some apps which are free to use while most cost $50-500. Though there are some apps that sell for over $3000. The website offers a variety of options, some apps have all the files you need, while others are just UI elements or frameworks.

Over the next few months I will be experimenting with some of their apps as a learning tool, but the market place can be used for more than just a learning environment. Quite often apps will exist within the market for a project that you are working on, or at least elements of the app. This would significantly reduce the time to market by reusing elements and code from the other app and give you a better idea of fixed costs.  If I were to develop an app for a client I would 100% check Chupamobile and see if there is anything I can cannibalise for the client.   Chupamobile looks set to grow even move over the next year as they managed to secure $1.3 million during a crowd funding round. They plan on using this investment to support the growth and expansion of the Company.

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