Antec-Skeleton-2 Antec will soon be releasing the Skeleton PC Case, this is a open-air PC Case consisting of 2 shelves for the motherboard and other components. It is clearly aimed at the enthusiast market where people constantly fiddle with their PC. The case also uses a huge 250mm TriCool fan which combined with the open-air aspect gives the case unprecedented airflow which in theory should allow for some great overclocking.

It is good to see that a case manufacturer is taking an alternative approach to building a case. I can see it being a bit of a love it or hate it type of set up, it clearly has absolutely no value to your average user, but to a gamer it could be very appealing. I actually think it is quite nice looking, in a sort of industrial design.

The initial review from Extreme Tech is also quite promising with the only main concern being that “Plugging in wires underneath the tray is too cramped.”