Another Sony Walkman W250 : Washable!

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Sony also announced this little gym friendly Walkman the W250 designed to take the full force of gym sweat(ewww) by being splash proof and rinse proof.


Like last-years W-series releases, the W250 has that all in one wireless design where the body clips together in the middle when not in use and when in use the walkman splits and each half sits in your ear. Now obviously if you’re a fitness fanatic, the W250 doesn’t require pockets or a silly armband to use, it just sits in your ears and can be used completely hands free. Inside it’s packing 2GB of storage and charges super fast, 3 minutes of charge will give you 90 mins of playback.


Other good things about it include the dock that comes with, that both allows you to charge the walkman and add songs to the library whilst it’s plugged in. The main emphasis of this walkman though is its splashproof, sweat and a quick rinse will be fine just don’t take it swimming or submerse it in the bath. Due out next month unfortunately we don’t have any price but it’ll probably be in Ipod Shuffle territory.


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  1. I used to work at Sony and was surprised at how little their sports mp3 players sold. Glad to see they’re sticking with them as they are cheap and great at what they do.


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