Android Hand Held Games Console : Odroid

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With the Android explosion on phones and tablets, its no surprise that the next thing the versatile OS would be doing branching out even further. In South Korea, this new hand-held has been flying round the developers but Odroid has now got the green light on a worldwide developer release for £210 with free shipping.


Obviously powered by Android the console packs a 3.5” 320×480 capacitive touchscreen, Wi-Fi connectivity alongside Bluetooth connnectivity. It also has a microSD slot for memory expansion but the best thing its packing is a HDMI out slot allowing you to output the video at 720p to your TV.


Click Here for a YouTube video showing it in action with its “tilting” control system. It just shows though that Android could in future be a real competitor for the mobile games market not only on phones but now in the handheld world. Maybe we can see a similar tech being used in future games console controllers.


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