Android 2.2 : Froyo’s got skills

It was recently announced that Google wear about to update it’s fantastic Android OS to 2.2, codename Froyo, who’s release should be imminent. We’ve got some more word on its exciting new features to further expand what is not only a great OS but also one of the key players in the mobile and computing market.


Website Techcrunch had posted the details of the OS update giving an insight into what’s coming. The first thing to appear is USB tethering support. This will allow you to share yourAndroid running mobile’s 3G connection directly with your laptop(or desktop but that wouldn’t be very mobile) removing the need for a dongle or an upgrade to one with built in 3G. Secondly it will also have the ability to activate a WiFi hotspot sharing the connection wirelessly. Now on the Android market there’s apps that can do this for you but now it’s simple and easier and built straight into the OS.


With Android seemingly getting better and better with each incarnation, can Apple recreate some of it’s greatness in their next update. With the rise in Android use could the little green robot begin to take Apple’s customers. Lets wait and see.



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