AMD Radeon VII GPU announced using 7nm with 16GB HMD memory for $699

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AMD Ryzen CPUs have completely shaken up the CPU market in the past two years, with the Maltisse based Ryzen 3000 chips looking like they will outshine Intels best offerings for 2019.

On the flip side of this, the AMD GPU product line has been flagging, with gamers eagerly waiting for some proper competition for Nvidia.

During the CES Keynote AMD finally announced their latest line of flagship GPUs, though perhaps not quite the RTX killer we may have hoped for.

The new line of GPUs are named the AMD Radeon VII and will be the first GPUs to be built on the 7nm process which in theory should give them some power draw advantages. However, it is still based on Vega, rather than the Navi architecture which many people are excited about.

They will be launching next month on February 7th 2019 for $699 which could likely be pound-dollar parity, though if retailers are nice you may see them for around £660.

The Radeon VII will come with a huge 16GB of HBM2 (High Bandwidth Memory 2), 5GB more than the GeForce RTX 2080 Ti has.

It has a 4,096-bit memory interface and a memory clock speed of 1GHz, the card will also come with a staggering 1TB/s of raw memory bandwidth available, which is more than double Vega 64 which sits at 484GB/s.

AMD claims the Radeon VII will offer 29 percent additional performance in games on average, with 60fps 4K gameplay listed as a plausible use case.

It is believed this will put it around the same level as the RTX 2080, which if true and the pricing is accurate doesn't bode too well. There are a lot of cards available for under £700 with Scan currently listing the MSI GeForce RTX 2080 VENTUS at £648.98.

The AMD card will not feature DLSS or real-time ray tracing techniques enabled by the Turing architecture.

The card will of course offer full FreeSync 2 HDR support which does give it an advantage over Nvidia allowing buyers to sue cheaper monitors. However the benefit of this is limited somewhat in the future due to G-Sync working with some adaptive sync monitors.

The AMD Radeon VII GPU is expected to start shipping on February 7th 2019 with a recommend retail price of $699 excluding taxes which should equate to £660+ in the UK.

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