AMD ATI Radeon HD 4890 revealed

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It seems like each month ATI or nVidia announce a new line of cards in the perpetual fight to one up each other. This time round it is ATI’s turn with some photos being leaked of what would seem to be the ATI Radeon HD 4890.

Clock speeds are set 850MHz and 3.9GHz for the core and memory – on the leaked chip at least. The 4870 was limited to a 790MHz core clock at most, via ATI's Overdrive overclocking utility, whereas the leaked 4890 has a 1GHz limit, indicating there's headroom for improvement on retail cards.

It is believed that the improvements are due to a die shrink from the 55nm fabrication process to the 40nm process.

The reduction in die size should also help the wallets of consumers as it costs AMD less to produce.

A couple of retailers overseas have the Radeon HD 4890 up for pre-order in the £250 region.


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